Fine Art Nude Photography

Layers removed... Barriers Shed...

A striking black and white image, or in the case here, a platinum-style print created in post, allows one to fully appreciate the beauty and dynamism of the human body, and the remarkable forms it can take.

Best displayed as wall art for your home, these nudes are at once intimate yet also anonymous, but unmistakably tasteful and chic too.

Once you get over any initial inhibitions, these shoots are incredibly liberating, confidence-building, and a lot of fun -- as you experiment and express your own body in creative and artful ways you might never previously had thought possible.

In the truest sense, this is a real collaboration with subject and artist — working together in a very natural and relaxed way to create stunning pieces of art. The tone can be playful, provocative, sculptural, or just natural — or all together — there are no rules. Past clients have all confessed that they'd love to repeat the experience —  as the experience itself is really as special as the finished images.

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Coffee Table Book


A perfect way to display these photographs is in coffee table book form, so that's just what we did. With our top collection we include a high-quality hardcover coffee table book with glossy pages


The Shoot Itself
As mentioned before, the shoot is actually a lot of fun and liberating and not at all the terrifying experience one might imagine. The studio itself is lit quite darkly for these shoots too, so that affords some modesty. Feel free to bring props or clothing or accessories also.

Black & White or Color?
Some images look better in color whilst others lend themselves to conversion into contrasty black & white, so we deliver both.

These images are meticulously retouched to create just the right effect. By adjusting light and shadow to reveal or hide, to provoke and tease, all adds drama and edge to the image. Any perceived 'imperfections' or retouching can be incorporated.


Fine art nude photography in New York. Stunning female portraiture showcasing the female form in its natural state, unadorned and organic. Creating black & white high-contrast photography portraits at our NYC studio. Delivering beautiful framed art, digital images, hardcover display coffee table books to treasure. This is truly a bucket-list item!